Cafe Flintstone presents


    Welcome. Take a seat. Order a coffee or tea and maybe a cake to go with it. Enjoy the good music with us and maybe a good chat.We Flintstones love barding and enjoy jam sessions, which are often so typical on the streets of limsa.
    That's how the "Open Stage" concept came about. It means that everyone is welcome to play on stage. Just ask the current artist on stage and make an appointment.
    The Flintstones are happy to help with any language difficulties.
    We look forward to seeing you!


    The Flintstones regularly perform with the houseband "Jabadabadoo".
    Playing good old Rock with them is always a pleasure for us.

    Where to find us:

    You can find us in Limsa's residential area
    MIST - Ward 21 Plot 32 Odin-Light


    We try to fulfil special requests as best we can, as long as we have the ingredients or the goods.


    The Flintstones are an old-established family from Limsa. It was a very long time ago, around the Stone Age, that the Flintstones lived in the Rocks on which present-day Limsa is built. Now they run a music cafe and how could it be otherwise, in Limsa's residential area MIST - Ward 21 Plot 32, Odin-light.A warm family invites you for coffee, cake and of course lots of cookies.Music plays an important role for them and so they like to play for their guests, whether as a duo or as an octet with the band "Jabadabadoo". But the Flintstones also invite others to perform. Be it as a single performer or as a band.Everyone is welcome!

    Want more?

    Visit us on discord to get more information about us, like pictures from events or our staff.